Gut Health

Optimise your gut health to support your physical and mental well-being.

Natural Support

 Use the power of botanical supplements and essential oils to elevate your wellness to new heights. 

Stress Reduction

Engage in effective relaxation techniques designed to soothe your nerves, improve your mood, and enhance your body’s natural functions.


Develop a self-care toolkit that you can use to maintain your

well-being for years to come. 



The Elite Wellness Program includes:


  • 10% off your Bikini Body Challenge membership

  • 90-day Elite Wellness Planner

  • Personal online doTerra Wholesale Account

  • Access to doTerra’s Loyalty Rewards program

  • Option to partake in doTerra’s referral program

  • Free essential oil training

  • Monthly Q&A webinars

  • Essential oils classes


Looking for more personalised guidance? I admire your drive!


 Get support from me and my amazing coaches by signing up for my 6-week Sculpt Program.

This women’s-only program includes:


  • A one-on-one Zoom strategy session (40min)

  • A personal questionnaire 

  • Access to my Members-Only Portal & private group  

  • A 42-day nutrition cleanse guide


In the one-on-one coaching session, a wellness coach will help you lay out a path for success. Whether you need support around stress reduction, exercise, supplements, and/or healthy eating, we will use the session to create a game plan that will help you crush your goals. 

The details 

Essentially Elite Program (billed monthly):


Average investment


doTerra essential oil wholesale account: $150/month (can be more or less) 

Elite Bikini Body Challenge Membership: $25.20/month

Inbody570 scans (optimal): $138

Gym membership (optional)

Total: About $64 per week




Sculpt Slim Program (6 weeks): $147 


Meet the Founder + Coaches


I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Natalie Rose, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, doTerra Wellness Advocate, and small business coach. I’ve spent the last 20+ years expanding my knowledge and helping women build bodies and natural lifestyles they love. Through my vast experience, I’ve perfected a highly-effective fitness, food, and supplement program that helps women lose weight, improve their health, and enhance their vitality. My amazing team and I are here to guide and teach you the foundations and personal wellness rituals that have helped us and many women like you transform their bodies, health, and lifestyles.

How can we best support you? Let’s have a chat!


I’ve walked this path before you. I’ve made all the common mistakes, so I know and understand the challenges, frustrations, and roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving your optimal well-being. You don’t have to walk this path alone—allow us to support you! 


In fact, we’d love to get to know you a little better right now. Please CLICK HERE to ask me a question or share about your top pain point—you know, that thing that always seems to stand in the way of you and your wellness goals. We’d love to hear from you and help you take the first step towards finally reaching your goals. 


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